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You can locate your Shipito address under the header section of your account, titled "Your U.S. Address". To change your default Shipito address, simply go to "Account Settings" and then "Address Book." Your suite number will stay the same but you are able change your selected warehouse at any time. Please ALWAYS remember to include your Shipito Suite number on packages coming to one of the Shipito facilities. If this is not included it could create delays, additional fees or even prevent us from being able to place the package in your account
To add a mailing address to your account, head to "Account Settings" then "Address Book." There you'll find the "Add New Address" option. You can also change your billing address under the "Shipping and Billing Address" section.
Wenn du deine Mitgliedschaft ändern willst (Premium auf Standard oder umgekehrt) gehe zu deinen Kontoeinstellungen und wähle dort ob du ein "Upgrade" oder "Downgrade" durchführen willst.
Step 1
Login to your account.

Step 2
Go to Account Settings > Account Membership. You'll see the following option, just click on "Change".

Ja, du kannst Pakete unter mehr als einem Namen empfangen. Diese Namen müssen jedoch in deinem Konto hinterlegt sein und jeder zusätzliche Name muss ggf. verifiziert werden.
To add a name to your account, go to "Account Settings," then "Additional Names." Once there you simply click "Add Name." You can have up to six names on your account.
1. To open a support ticket, please login to your Shipito account and select “My Account” then select “Support Tickets”.

2. Then select “Open a New Support Ticket”.

3. Please select the option that best describes your concerns then type your message to us in the text box that appears.

Once the ticket is submitted, a customer support agent will review your message and respond to you in 1-2 business days.

Follow step one outlined in the “How do I open a support ticket?” question above. Below “Open a New Support Ticket”, you will see all of your current and past support tickets listed in chronological order, with the newest ticket at the top. To respond to a ticket, select “View Details” and type your response in the window that appears.
There are several reasons why your account might be on hold. Please submit a support ticket through your account so we can better assist you with your account status.
Wenn du dein Konto schließen willst brechen wir in Tränen aus - deshalb setzen wir alles daran dich als Kunden zu behalten. Sag uns was wir besser machen können. Falls du dein Konto dennoch schließen willst schicke uns einfach ein Support Ticket und wir kümmern uns darum.