Claims, Insurance & Refunds
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Access your account and select the "Support Tickets" option in the upper right-hand corner of the interface. Once there you can open a new support ticket. Follow the prompts on the screen and select the appropriate option. You can also report a lost/damaged package from the 'Sent Packages' tab.

If you received a package in your account that does not belong to you, please create a support ticket. Our warehouse staff will then remove the package from your account.

If you received an incorrect package, create a support ticket and upload photos of the package labels and contents. We will then provide you with further instructions.

The processing time for a claim varies depending on the carrier.

Returns & Refunds

To place a refund request, go to "Account Settings," then "Account Membership" where you'll find the "Request a Refund" button. Follow the instructions on the prompt window to submit your request.
1. Login
2. Send out all packages
All your packages MUST be mailed out. It is not possible to process a refund with packages remaining in your mailbox.

3. Click the “Refund” Button
On your main account page, you can see your current plan and all your account information. Right next to your “Remaining Deposit,” you’ll find the refund link.

4. Fill out Deposit Refund Form

  • Choose how you want your deposit to be refunded
  • Enter any additional comments
  • Enter your reason for requesting a refund
  • Click “Send Request”

  • Please allow 2-3 business days to process when you will be notified by email. If money is refunded to your debit/credit card, it may take up to 2-3 weeks before your bank refunds the money.
    Refunds are processed against the original form of payment when possible. If you deposited funds into your account using either Bitcoin, wire transfer or a card that has now expired, we will process your refund via PayPal if you provide us with a PayPal email.
    Refunds typically take our staff 2-3 days to process. However, the time it takes until the funds are returned to your account depends on the payment method used.
    Sometimes you will need to return a package back to the original retailer. We always recommend that you let Shipito take photos of the contents of each package to avoid problems.

    1. Contact the store and ask how to return the package

    Each store has different policies. Some stores will pay for the return shipping charge. Others will require you to pay for the shipping.

    2. Follow the procedure given by the store

    Place Special request: Some retailers require you to print a Return Authorization and include it in the package. In this case, place a SPECIAL REQUEST detailing what you need to be done. Please do not email us, as this often creates confusion. The special request function is designed to streamline returns and other special instances. If the retailer provides a Return shipping label, please attach it too.

    Wait till the Special request is processed: If you know that the store pays for return shipping, make sure the postage shows zero (and shipping address does not need to be filled out). If you are responsible for the shipping cost, change the shipping address for the package so it can be returned to the correct address and select the appropriate shipping method.

    Select the package for mail out: Once the package shows the correct shipping address and shipping costs, select it for mail out. Please wait to select this until the previous steps are completed.

    If the above sounds too complicated and you feel the need to email us, we can correctly set up your package for a small, $5 courtesy fee.

    If you know that the retailer doesn’t require any return authorization, you can simply change the shipping address on your package and select the preferred shipping method. That way, you will not be charged a Special Request fee.


    Options for insurance are displayed during the mail out request process based your selected carrier and destination country. We offer two types of insurance and it varies by carrier:
    1. Login to your account

    2. Find your package that's in question and select the options on the right of it (as shown below).

    3. A form will pop-up (as shown below). On the form you'll be able to select from 3 different package related issues, select the one that applies to you. Please be sure to follow the instructions given to you on the form after making your selection.

    4. Processing The Claim
    When the claim is entered in the system, it will appear in your account. We will notify you once we have further information. You can see updates about any open issues and claims in your Shipito account.

    This process can take from several weeks to months depending on the carrier and when they get back to us.

  • Claims are only available through shipping methods with tracking numbers.
  • If you do not file the claim within 10 days it will be automatically declined.
  • If you receive a refund for your package, it will be the amount you entered on your customs declaration. Please make sure this value of your item is accurate.

  • Fraud

    Shipito takes fraud very seriously and we do everything we can to eliminate fraud. We have systems and processes in place to protect our clients as well as retailers shipping packages to our warehouses.

    We have a strict, zero tolerance policy for fraudulent activities. If your account is suspected of fraudulent activity it will immediately be placed on security review. Pending our findings, your account is subject to cancellation.

    If you're a retailer suspecting a fraudulent transaction, please contact us immediately. We want to work with you to help resolve the situation and prevent this from happening again.