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Total cost of buying Nexus 4 8gb with a help of assisted purchase

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Coud you tell me what would be a total cost of buying Nexus 4 8gb with a help of assisted purchase? Also, does it make any difference what warehouse to use, Torrance or Tualatin? I'm asking because I can't browse hardware  section of Google Play store without US IP adress, so I've no idea what is the real price of Nexus 4 or how much Google charges for shipping.

asked 3 years ago in Shipito Services by Leonid R

3 Answers

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Hello, If you would like for us to purchase the items for you through our assisted purchase service, we charge the following fees on top of the subtotal, sales tax, and shipping fees (if applicable). Subtotal of the product: Sales tax (9.75%): Shipping & Handling Fee (If applicable): Our Service Fee: $8.50 Our Commission Fee (8%): Bank Fee (4.3%): For further information regarding our assisted purchase service please refer to this link: http://www.shipito.com/shopping-assistance

It does not matter what warehouse you use.
answered 3 years ago by Michelle
I have been looking into a similar issue for the nexus 7 - ie purchasing it in the US.
1) YOu are better to ship it to Tualatin Oregon as there is no sales tax in oregon - ? about an extra 8% if you ship to Torrance
2) YOu can try to order the product using a VPN . This involves installing XPN free on your PC. Once  XPN is connected you will have a US IP address.
3)You will also have to have a US based credit card. Not sure how you can obtain this.
DAvid Scott
Hello, it's best to use http://shopito.com/ - updated assisted purchases.

We always use US credit cards for purchases.